Stanford University CPC Cryptocurrency & Exchange Conference Brief
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Mar 3

IoTeX team was very excited about our first team outing. We went to support IoTeX’s co-founder Raullen at the CPC Cryptocurrency & Exchange Conference hosted by Professor Whitfield Diffie and the Cardinal Pitch Club at Stanford Faculty Club yesterday. Raullen was invited as a keynote speaker for the event.

The goal of the event was to exchange ideas in crypto advancement among the best partners in the crypto industry. It was a way for VCs, crypto enthusiasts, students, exchanges, and blockchain researchers to get together and find out what is currently available on the market for crypto and blockchain.

Great minds from many countries traveled to Stanford for the day, including international attendees from London, Singapore, China, and Korea. Some of the greatest minds in the industry debated the future applications of Blockchain and the potential for it to transform the technical industries of the world.

Raullen during the keynote speech

Raullen shared with the audience about IoTeX and gave an overview of what we are currently working on here at IoTeX. IoTeX is going to be a new blockchain powered platform for IoT DApps, addressing the vast scalability, interoperability, and privacy issues commonly encountered for IoT solutions.

Raullen with Professor Diffie

The welcome speech was given by Professor Diffie, who is an accomplished American cryptographer and one of the pioneers of public-key cryptography. He has received many many awards in his lifetime (the Turing Award, Marconi Prize, IEEE Hamming Medal…just to list a few) for his significant contribution in the field of cryptography. Having done years of research in his field, Diffie sieged the stage and capitalized on the opportunity to explain his early influence in the field.

He believes that modern advancement in encryption was pretty much a refinement from previously known knowledge accumulated over centuries of human experimentation with cryptography. The reason why we could not have significant breakthroughs in the early 1900s is mainly because our hardwares were not advanced enough to do the complex math required for modern day cryptography. However, with crypto hype leading to the modern day infliction of venture capital and research into the space, renewed energy has been created. Now, is the perfect time for blockchain technology to enter back onto the scene and reform the everyday technologies that enter our lives.

Fun fact

Intel 8086 was developed by Intel and introduced on June 8, 1978, the 8086 was a microprocessor codenamed P1. It used a 16-bit architecture, had 29,000 transistors, ran at clock speeds of 5 MHz to 10 MHz, and could access one megabyte of memory.

We also learned a little bit about the two waves of cryptography growth:

  1. After WWI/ the introduction of electromagnetic devices
  2. 1990s after the introduction of computers

Professor Diffie believes that these are going to be the hottest topics for cryptography research for the next few decades:

  1. Homomorphic encryption
  2. IoT, lightweight crypto (figure out how to reduce the power required for cryptography used on IoT)
  3. Blockchain

Other prominent attendee of the event included:

  1. Professor Dan Boneh: One of the principal contributors to the development of pairing-based cryptography, who is currently a professor of computer science and electrical engineering. You can learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrency from his free course. He could not make it to the event, so he sent his student to attend it on his behalf.
  2. Eric Ly: Co-founder of Linkedin
  3. Larry Sanger: Co-founder of Wikipedia. Larry has since moved onto blockchain-based Everipedia to disrupt his own creation.

Major exchanges presence

  1. Binance: He Yi, the co-founder of Binance, gave a speech about comparing cryptocurrency craze to a religion yesterday, which sparked a lot of controversial discussions in the room.
  2. Bittrex
  3. Kraken
  4. Coinone: The co-founder just touched down in SFO yesterday after a few rounds of discussion with Korean crypto regulators. The overall trend in Korea may still be promising for the crypto community, but we just need to wait and see.

We met many like minded individuals who are in the blockchain businesses to try to change the world. We want to thank CPC for hosting this wonderful event as a way for us to reach out to the Silicon Valley blockchain community.

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