Voting for July DOTM via Smart Contract is LIVE — Vote Now!
Posted by 008b111280ab4507 4 months ago

As we shared in our latest post, IoTeX is launching the Delegate BadgesProgram to make Delegate contributions, achievements, and commitments more transparent to the IoTeX community.

We are excited to announce the first winners of the IoTeX Delegate of the Month (DOTM) badge. But first, we need YOU to help vote!

Voting Instructions

Voting will be open from August 13, 10pm PT to August 20, 10pm PT.

All IoTeX stakeholders are eligible to vote — each IoTeX wallet will have 3 total votes for 3 different candidates (note: DOTM voting is NOT stake-weighted). This month, there are 12 DOTM candidates to choose from!

The top 5 voted Delegates will be named DOTM. Each DOTM will receive 5 million votes from IoTeX Foundation + top placement on member.iotex.iofor one month, as well as a permanent DOTM badge on their voting profile.

All IoTeX stakeholders can vote via smart contract on the IoTeX Polls page:

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