Staking Calculator
Posted by Staking Calculator 6 months ago(Updated 6 months ago)

One Click to Calculating Staking Rewards for Your Coins

With majority of cryptocurrencies adopting the Proof of Stake consensus, the crypto players in the market are taking immense interest in staking as well. Investors are well aware about the passive income benefits that staking brings to the table and want to leverage the huge staking rewards and profits. But how would one find out how much passive income he could earn by staking his coins? Staking rewards calculator estimates the staking rewards one could earn by staking a particular coin. The staking calculator calculates the value of your current holdings as per the units of the coin, and estimated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly earnings. StakeN will soon be launching a staking calculator to simplify your efforts and save you from the unnecessary time consuming calculations.

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