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The crypto market has attained gradual momentum after a few undulating lines. Cryptocurrencies are now a global phenomenon that most of the investors know however still few folks are unaware of the new happenings and development. Digital currencies would become more centralized being decentralized, everybody is going to adopt the change because they would control their assets, not a middle man.

Good things are on their way, you just need to be active and prepared. The time has come when your crypto assets would give you a passive income without solving complex mathematical puzzles and setting up intensive computing units. 

Staken helps you to realize the potential of staking as the future of crypto assets, while you multiply your holdings using the power of the almighty compounding. Your trust in the project will pay off in the form of rewards. These rewards are your crypto dividends and don't forget the immense potential of capital appreciation which comes from our meticulous asset research.

The mindset behind StakeN

We have a highly qualified and diverse team of blockchain finance and crypto asset experts who analyze projects using a rigorous methodology. This ensures that no stones remain unturned and we can cover not only the mainstream assets commonly known to the public but also the once which have immense potential but are relatively less known, giving us both, the first mover advantage and informational edge over others.

What are doing currently?

On this date, we are a well-known validator on Livepeer with 73K LPT of tokens staked. The journey is going amazing, no doubts however we are looking to give back something more to the community. That’s why we have a vision of empowering everyone who is a retail or institutional investor. 

Soon we are going to land on COSMOS network as a transcoder/validator

COSMOS is a platform where a decentralized network of parallel blockchains will be powered by Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus (BFT). COSMOS in simple words would build an ecosystem where blockchains would be able to communicate with each other and solve the problem with a new approach.

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