IoTeX - as part of a large transformation of employees and the involvement of the entire ecosystem: from users to coders
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The demand for blockchain engineers is growing rapidly, but the blockchain itself reformats their activities

Projects now directly finance those who are interested in blockchain programming, because there is an acute shortage of skills in this space. From beginners to experts. Despite the fact that the average salary of a blockchain engineer in Silicon Valley is $ 158,000, programmers with experience in Solidity (the language for creating smart contracts) are experiencing difficulties due to the heavy competition.

In the era of the Internet 1.0 and 2.0 were the most promising startups hiring new computer science graduates from leading engineering schools. The UC Berkeley, Stanford and MIT CS classes were in high demand and were hard to hit. In the past few years, startups have been released as crazy coding schools and incubators. It seemed that we were in the world with an endless desire to learn how to encode.

Ethereum launches rewards programs for developers who discover bugs and security flaws since 2015. Due to the fact that ICO entered the mainstream in 2016 and 2017, the payment of these developers by project tokens meant real liquidity. Programmers are paid in Ethereum, the cost of the token increases, and they can cash them on any major exchange.

Many decentralized markets for open source collaboration emerge. Their approach is to involve the entire ecosystem, starting with the users. They can create a request for the function they need or correct a found error.

Financing blockchain research and the programmers themselves

The reward is a great way to start programming on the blockchain, but what are the next steps to move the industry forward? We will also need to fund research and invest in the programmers themselves. IoTeX launched a large charity initiative to fund blockchain research. One of the founders, Jing Sun, told me that it was a mistake to think that the blockchain research was well funded. Most grants in the academic environment are provided to outstanding researchers with a large amount of available resources. IoTeX's mission is to reduce the funding gap between a full-time professor and a young professor starting his career, or a developer breaking through the next breakthrough.

Funding at this level will help us grow Vitalik’s future to create the following exponential technologies. The brightest innovators have not started programming in the blockchain yet. Let's make this path for them. We are exploring how to develop a new generation of talent in the ecosystem. We have moved from developing talents from leading universities in the field of computer science to programming schools. The industry of learning new technical skills is decentralized and can undermine the labor market in a way that is unprecedented for us.

From words to deeds

As many know, IoTeX recruited many workers in the spring of 2018: interns — Vincent Vuong, Vedaad Shakib, and Nick Chen.

The blockchain engineer Zhefeng Li and Larry Pang, development and public relations manager have joined the team permanently.

Already now it is impossible to imagine the IoTeX project without Larry - he participates in all significant exhibitions, telling the vision of IoT and the blockchain. Many read his messages in Telegram, and of course we always see him during teams' live streams.

At this stage, when many projects are reducing their staff and funding, due to the long-falling crypto market and the unstable situation in the global finance world. IoTeX continues to take the best talents from the market, thereby strengthening its position: gathering a strong technical and corporate management teams.

Recent acquisitions

Let's see who were the latest acquisitions in the team?

Zhenchuan Chai, a doctor of cryptography (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai), has written over 20 articles and patents. Zhenchuan has many years of experience at the headquarters of Samsung Korea, Western Digital, Hynix and many world-class companies specializing in the design and development of embedded device security architecture. He led to develop the industry's first TCG-compliant solid state drive (SSD).

Zhenchuan has joined our team of Blockchain Engineers by bringing in the experience in innovative research for security & privacy.

Contribution to the future of education

Today, an employee can imagine two possible paths for his future: in one he continues to use the typical system, pursuing numerous qualifications and believing that everything will turn out as before; and in another, he works independently to advance his interests, developing his skills while documenting progress. Given the freedom and creativity, it is difficult to deny the potential of the latter approach.

It is imperative that the education system continues to focus the curriculum on digital skills. Programming, AI development, machine learning, analytics, data-based strategy: if a business needs to adapt at all levels, it will need an impressive basic level of understanding.

And so IoTeX is involved in the educational process.

Co-founder of Raullen Chain and full-time blockchain engineer Zhijie Shen share knowledge of the blockchain and IoT with students around the world as part of the “Blockchain Technology and Applications” course, a master's degree program offered by the University of Nicosia.

IoTeX is a sponsor and partner of the University of Cincinnati in the creation of a joint research and development lab that focuses on cryptographic research that protects confidentiality and blockchain applications.










9. -  distance learning course "Blockchain Technology and Applications”



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