IoTeX General AMA Livestream — Jan 25, 2019
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Hello everyone! Our next AMA with founders is coming this Friday (tomorrow) on Jan 25, 2019 from 10:30 AM-11:30 AM PST (may extend to 12:00 PM) and will be a LIVESTREAM one mainly focusing on our Delegates Program. Feel free to ask us anything about the program during the livestream!

Session participants

Our co-founders Raullen and Jing, and Head of BD Larry will be hosting the livestream to communicate with our supporters and to let you know more about the IoTeX recent updates! We will take the first few minutes to go through the Delegates Program with more details. As last time, we will have a mix between discussing pre-selected submitted questions and answering the questions you have for them live.

You are allowed to submit your questions beforehand through the following form — doing so will grant you a chance to be handpicked as a pre-selected question which will be guaranteed an answer during the livestream. The deadline for filling the form is 6:00 AM PST on Jan 25.

*When filling the form, please double-check and make sure that you are submitting question with your unique IoTeX Hash ID to qualify for bonus points if selected. Any other Hash ID will be ineligible. Please refer to this blog post for detailed instructions in how to check for your unique IoTeX Hash ID:

IoTeX Hash ID/ETH Address — Profile System Updates

How to participate

This livestream is a public one which is open to everyone. We will announce the livestream link here when it starts.

After the livestream ends, we will release it on our official Youtube channel and also post it on our Reddit page.

Point System

All selected questions including pre-submitted and live ones will get 300 points as a thank-you gift.

*Note: Points will be distributed no later than Jan 30.

Each participant can only get the bonus once. That means if your multiple questions are selected to be answered, you will get at most 300 points.


  1. Shoot us any questions you’ve got about Tech.
  2. Profanity and spam messages are forbidden.

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