Participate in IoTeX's Lucky Draw!
Posted by Alina a year ago(Updated a year ago)

Send a Message on the IoTeX Blockchain, and see it live on a LED display at CES 2019 show!

How to participate

1. Create your own IoTeX wallet and get random number of EIOTX by default

2. Think of a message you want to be displayed on the IoTeX LED display, live at CES 2019!

3. Add your IoTeX ID to the message: check here to learn how to get your unique IoTeX hash ID.

For example: I love IoTeX! Greetings from New York! Hash Id: a3rty

3. Convert it to Hex code using this service as the sample picture shows.

4. Send at least 1 EIOTX to this IoTeX wallet address:


and Input the message hex code you just created by the tool.

5. Retweet this post:

and wait for the IoTeX team to post a video with your own message appearing at the CES Show!

Lucky Draw

The IoTeX team will have a lucky draw after the CES week!

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