Reduced the time of tracking the distribution of beef to 10 minutes
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Apply blockchain technology to existing livestock products

Reduced the time of tracking the distribution of beef to 10 minutes.

“This pilot project as a blockchain technology can contribute to every step of the information by transparently providing national food to safe distributors from food producers.”
“If the blockchain is applied to the livestock products management system, it is expected that the system will not be managed and monitored by the government. We will carefully check the possibility of using the blockchain and IoT technology in our business and will actively make efforts to enhance the blockchain technology through cooperation between private and related organizations "

From January of next year, a system for managing the history of animal husbandry will be introduced in livestock farms and slaughterhouses in Jeollabuk-do province (Korea).

The blockchain technology will be used to manage the history of livestock products, and it will be possible to quickly track the history of livestock products and solve problems related to the hygiene and safety of beef.

Plans have been announced for the creation of a pilot project in the Jeollabuk-do area of ​​the livestock traceability system, which combines the main technologies - the blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) combined with the industrial revolution.

The current livestock registration system requires that most information on the movement history be communicated within five days. Thus, checking the history of data takes a long time if a problem occurs before the report. In addition, it was noted that the additional costs, time and risk of forgery were identified in the process of phased delivery of the necessary certificates to the branch.

The blockchain-based livestock history management system presented in this study can increase the reliability and responsiveness of the current history service by storing and exchanging historical information and various beef certificates in a blockchain. IoT control will be used by connecting the device via Bluetooth, the transfer of individual information without human intervention, in order to improve the accuracy of the information stored in the blockchain, will be automatically collected.

Historical information, at the stages of selection, slaughter, packaging and sales, is transparently transmitted to the blockchain. As a result, more detailed information will be collected in real time, as well as information on the existing topic of reporting. In case of problems, the tracking time of the distribution process is reduced to 10 minutes or less. Stage participants can share and check various certificates stored on the blockchain via a mobile application or via the Internet.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is examining the results of pilot projects to expand the participating organizations and applies them to the registration system of other domestic animals, such as pigs. Additional personal information, such as the temperature and humidity of the beef storage area, will also be managed on the blockchain platform.

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