Best practice and nice examples for promotion and PR
Posted by Erik (Mietja) a year ago(Updated a year ago)

When checking other projects I often stumble about nice ideas for promotion and PR.

My idea was to bring those good examples and best practiced together in one thread for making it easier for the IoTeX team, especially Alina and Lori, to get inspirations for possible future campaigns and promotion on social media channels.

So lets bring together good examples and discuss them if and why they might be suitable for IoTeX to be adapted.

What do I like about it: They ask partners, advisors and supporters to share why they think that their project is good, important, doing the right thing, will be a success in the industry and so on. This brings brings together tech, real people, and statements on and for their project, and can be easily shared on various social media channels. Also, it combines images, text, and insights on a project, making it suitable for various groups.

What should be improved: text should be nicely formated, text layout looks sort of cheap, especially #whyfr8

What to have an eye on when adapting: whole image should be visible in the Twitter timeline - you should have to click an image to be able to see and/or read it fully // too much text = not fully readable on small devices and tablets, so keep it rather as long as necessary and as short as possible

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