IoTeX Teaching Course for University of Nicosia
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IoTeX is invited to teach a distance learning course "Blockchain Technology and Applications”, as a part of Master of Science program offered by University of Nicosia, the largest university in Cyprus, Europe. Our co-founder Raullen Chain and staff blockchain engineer Zhijie Shen has presented to share the knowledge of blockchains and IoT to students all around the world.

More about the course

More about the program

In May 2014, the University of Nicosia launched a first free, open-ended course of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), led by experts in Bitcoin technologies. So, any person from anywhere in the world who wants to learn blockchain technology can take part.

November 2013 the University of Nicosia, the largest independent university in Cyprus and one of the largest English language universities in southern Europe, became the first accredited university in the world to accept bitcoin for tuition payments and to announce the development of a Master of Science Degree in Digital Currency. 

“I am delighted to be teaching this course along with my colleagues at the University of Nicosia,” said Andreas Antonopoulos, University of Nicosia Teaching Fellow and a leading bitcoin and digital currency expert and entrepreneur.

The MOOC will cover technical, legal, economic and regulatory issues related to bitcoin and digital currency and will be offered to students around the world for free.

Digital currency MSc is designed to help financial and business professionals, entrepreneurs, government officials and government administrators better understand the technical basics of digital currency, how it is likely to interact with existing monetary and financial systems and what opportunities exist for innovation in digital currency systems .

The degree is provided online to students all over the world, and the first course in the course “DFIN-511: Introduction to Digital Currencies” is available free of charge as an open MOOC course for everyone who wants to learn more about the fundamental principles of digital currency.

The remaining 8 courses are offered at € 1,600 per course, resulting in a total tuition fee of € 12,800.

The graduate program provides the basis for a doctoral degree.

All students who successfully complete the program receive certificates from UNIC.

In the introductory lesson of Zhijie Shen and Raullen Chain revealed the following topics:

 1) introduction to blockchain, 2) architecture of IoTeX, 3) Roll-DPoS,

4) test-net development, 5) privacy (focus on stealth address)

IoTeX Architecture

This particular course has three parts, each 2 weeks long:

  1. theoretical background of blockchain technology,
  2. smart contracts,
  3. use cases.

On 11th November, Zhijie Shen and Raullen Chain will have a live session 21:00-23:00 Singapore time. However IoTeX are flexible of arranging a special, shorter session at your preferred time during 14:00-23:00 Singapore window.

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