Researchers combine wearable technology and AI to predict the onset of health problems
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Most people when they hear: Smart shirt (or smart clothes), mean ordinary clothes, but equipped with pockets or some piece of material to wear many useful items.

But modern technologies do not stand still, and people want to know the world and themselves! Let's talk about clothes that are valid will be useful, not as for accessories and not as pleasant for putting on themselves, but as clothes that control your HEALTH!

What kind of enterprise does this?

Carre Technologies Inc. (Hexoskin), located in Montreal (Canada), was established in 2006. The mission of the company is to record and organize personal information about health and make it accessible and useful. Is engaged in the development of non-invasive sensors, software and applications, services in the field of data and AI.

In 2013, the company began production of an erased intellectual garment with heart sensors, breathing and activity, embedded in textiles. What has become a completely different approach to non-portable and invasive monitoring solutions. Place of application: sports, research, health, pharmaceutical, security, defense and aerospace industries.

Includes in close sensors, mobile and web applications, cloud database and data analysis server. More than 60 scientific publications, research and development

What does the company create?

Smart Shirts - Analyze long-term activity and track the rhythm of sleep. This is the ideal device for tracking sleep: allows you to measure the frequency of heartbeats, breathing and sleep.

Application of Smart Shirts:

  • Aerospace,
  • Security & Defense,
  • Academic,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Health Research

Prices for similar things:169-499$

What is the benefit for humanity?

The study, which involved researchers from the departments of applied science and engineering of Waterloo, showed that data from wearable sensors and artificial intelligence that changes in the aerobic reactions can be predicted a person develops a respiratory or cardiovascular disease.

"In the near future, we believe that you can constantly monitor your health and analyze if you need medical help," said Thomas Beltrame (ICUC Brazil).

These data helped to process biological signals and create a platform for accounting. And also such an IOT device will help doctors better understand human health.

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Nice. AI and blockchain will change our life some day soon.

a year ago

Thanks for sharing, very interesting!

a year ago

as a medicine professional it seems very nice. this kind of product should also has a security and privacy layer like iotex

a year ago