Smart-TV will improve the user interface of the mobile phone
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For joining the television business: IoT will become the second game field for mobile phone manufacturers

Why enter the TV?

According to one general manager Liu Zuohu, the television business is the beginning of a new era of the Internet smart home.

In fact, with the development of technologies such as 5G and AI, categories other than mobile phones such as smart speakers, intelligent door locks and smart TVs are growing rapidly, and they are gradually changing the current scene of family life.

Liu Zuohu believes that in the life of users there are basically four scenarios of the Internet: mobile, home, car and office. As a very important stage in life, the current home Internet-based intellectual experience is still at a very preliminary stage, does not possess a sense of science and technology, and has nothing to do with other major life scenes.

According to the research firm GfK, in the first half of 2018, sales in the global TV market reached 45 billion euros. Smart TV accounts for 85% of the total sales of the television industry and only 79% in 2017.

From the point of view of various markets, according to the data published by the Chinese Research Institute, sales of smart TVs in China reached 48 million units in 2010, which is 17.13% more than last year. It is estimated that smartphone sales in China will exceed 58 million units in 2018, and in the Indian market, the market capacity in 2015 was about 560,000 units, and in 2016 it increased by 97% to 1.1 million units. In 2017, it reached 1.78 million units. At market potential, the population of India under the age of 30 reached 60%, but the penetration rate of intelligent television is only 23%.

"We think that today's television differs from television in five to ten years. We can hope in advance to participate in this serious change, "said Liu Zuohu.

How to do it?

For the television business, OnePlus proposed a strategy for a larger application used on mobile phones. Obviously, this is different from Millet's current thought movement.

Smart TV products will have 4 aspects:

- design

- image quality

- interaction with the interface

- seamless connection between mobile phones and TVs

To date, there is a stage of negotiations with global manufacturers to understand and improve cooperation.

Thus, data transmission by mobile phones and TV will be supported. For example, a person wants to open pictures for his family on the phone and show them on TV. Producers and developers of AI are confident that in the future we will be able to implement more ideas in Smart-TV and smartphone.

However, OnePlus is also a competition in television products, will be tough. Early participants on the one hand, such as Millet, and on the other side, traditional TV manufacturers are also involved in the transformation and novologies - launching brands of smart TVs. OnePlus believes that the goal of television is to make a good TV product and improve the user interface. For example, the Yijia community has more than 5 million registered users from 196 countries. In the future, the intelligent television project will also encourage users to participate in the impact and birth of products to explore opportunities for intelligent television.


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