Welcome to IoTeX Forum Beta!
Posted by Lori a year ago

Hello everyone. Welcome to IoTeX Forum Beta!

IoTeX Forum is the new platform for our community members to discuss IoTeX and other blockchain for IoT related topics. We hope all of you can lead the effort to look beyond what we can do as IoTeX, and do our part to make an impact on the Blockchain for IoT industry with our knowledge. 

The Beta version is still under development. Now you can login with your Telegram account (the same one you use to login the profile system) or email (for now, different login methods do not connect with each other) to create new posts, reply posts and praise each other by punching the like button. You are able to start a discussion topic of your choice in our pre-set sub forums. More sub forums will be added soon! 

Your daily activities will help you accumulate Experience Points which will boost your seniority, access restricted posts and bring you many more exclusive benefits for each level reach in the future. More details will be added in our future versions.

Your participation and feedback will help us make IoTeX forum the best forum possible. It is a work in progress, so you may encounter technical issues while exploring the features. We will continue to integrate more functionalities as we are hearing more constructive feedback from you. Please free free to leave any comments and suggestion in sub forum: Feedback & Suggestions.

Thank you again for being the best of our community and hope you all enjoy the forum!

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