What blockchain can do with a set-up box?
Posted by guo a year ago

There are quite a few set-up box in the market. Like Roku, Amazon FireTV, and quite a few Android TV based devices. Let's do a brainstorm about what features a set-up box can have if it has IoTeX technology?

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I'm not an IoT expert (at least in the retail products market - but I've got a couple of huge books in my iPad already 🤓)...yet one obvious thing that sure comes to my mind is logging into the blockchain which channels, programs, and for how long people watch them. We know there are companies (in Italy we have the Auditel company) that do collect this kind of data in order to provide "share" information (The percentage of viewers tuned on a channel in a time slot band), that is used for example to estimate marketing spots prices. This happens of course collecting data in a centralized way, then this data has to be somehow validated, and also doubts about the privacy arise (does the company know which device serial number is installed to whom TV?). The Auditel company in Italy installed 9500 collecting devices, monitoring a total of about 15k people (multiple people using the same tv are required to identify themselves pressing a specific button on the device, which could be integrated in the box software).

This is one application that surely would leverage the privacy feature of IoTeX, and could give more accurate data basing it on millions samples instead of several thousands (ideally, all the TVs could have one!) instead of a selected small number of selected people.

Hopefully I'll have a better idea tomorrow morning!

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This is a good idea. I am not familiar with this industry. Technically, it is totally doable. I am just curious if all stakeholders want to make it transparent or not. There might be a lot of grey ground that they can make money for not being so transparent.

a year ago

Ok, my first idea was more related to logging user preferences (like what programs/movies were watched for how long) into a blockchain for possible use by companies. Not sure if that would have a value, if so it could go into a "IoT data marketplace" like the Weeve one maybe.

Anyway, apart from the data collected, much of the value that IoT could provide relies into the interaction between devices, so we could think of something more related to smart-home for this kind of devices.

For example, the TV device could update its status on the blockchain when the user starts watching a movie and as a consequence (if available) the light system in the same room could switch to a "movie-theatre" light configuration (and revert back to normal on pause/stop)?

a year ago

Good smart home ideas. Set up box might be a good entry point for all devices at home.

a year ago