Smart cities are easy to hack
Posted by Dariya a year ago

Specialists from IBM Security and Threatcare came to the conclusion that the solutions to the "Internet of things" and "smart cities" have a huge number of vulnerabilities.

"Internet of things" and solutions built on its basis for "smart cities" are called one of three technologies that will change the world. The "Big Three" also includes blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Some crypto-currency projects build on this their ideas and products. The most famous among them is IOTA, whose name even comes from the phrase Internet of things. But is this technology safe?

Researchers from IBM Security and Threatcare conducted analysis of solutions for smart cities and were in shock. Only the initial inspection revealed 17 vulnerabilities, eight of which can be considered critical. And it was surveyed only products of the three largest companies.

The bottom line is that the decision is easy to crack and hackers can easily create panic and misinform people. And this is already happening - in Hawaii, an alert system was cracked and residents received reports of a missile attack. And in Dallas, the townspeople heard of a powerful tornado that was not there.

Information about the vulnerabilities was transferred to the company-developers, but the trend itself is frightening. Smart cities will have to undergo a serious evolution before smart decisions are truly safe.

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