Partnership Recommendations for IoTeX !
Posted by cryptotherapyy a year ago(Updated a year ago)

in this thread everone can recommend a partnership for iotex. it will be great for iotex ecosystem.

for example local-regional iot tech firms dont know iotex yet if i have a friend or familiar that working for an iot tech firm i can contact him for iotex and possible partnership between them. even if i dont have i can send an email to that iot tech firms. introducing iotex and tell them why they should partner with iotex

for begining i am starting with a tech firm from turkey. they are new on iot techs. it can be good partnership with them. they will start working on smarthome techs in near future.

Share your recommendations too !

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Love your idea!! Will be very helpful resources for us to expand our future partnerships!

a year ago

I’m currently translating a project called from Houston, Texas. They will apply blockchain to the energy sector, making microgrids and trade of renewable energy on community level possible. Others are doing this too, blockchain seems to be a game changer in this field. Great team with connections to the energy sector in the Houston area.

Check out Their website will look better soon, they’re currently reworking it. ;)

Same goes for, but they already partnered with ArcBlock and Cyber Miles.

There are alos other, longer established projects in energy like PowerLedger, WePower, and RestartEnergy. Power Ledger is also up for microgrid connections and renewables. They got a big partnership signed in December:

a year ago(Updated a year ago)

these sounds good miejta. you can do it :) more near to partnership with iotex imo

a year ago

Good Idea !!!

a year ago

I guess it would be great to sort out a list of all IoT opportunities

a year ago

Great idea, awesome resource to refer and add to for future uses! Let's keep up the great work and continue the growth of IoTeX.

a year ago

My name is Brian Cantu with Lectro. You can contact me by email at “[email protected]”. I look forward to hearing from you.

a year ago